Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: A Historic Partnership for a Brighter Future


This historic partnership between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia marks a significant step towards a brighter future, built on mutual cooperation, economic growth, and shared prosperity.

In a landmark interview with Al Arabiya English, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a significant breakthrough in Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia, declaring a “clear-cut way forward” for the two nations. This milestone comes after a series of successful diplomatic and trade engagements, paving the way for a stronger partnership.

PM Shehbaz emphasized the identification of key areas for mutual cooperation, including government-to-government and business-to-business collaborations. He highlighted the tremendous progress made in recent engagements, setting the stage for a fruitful partnership.

The premier’s statement follows his assurance of blanket support for Saudi investments in Pakistan, facilitating expedited joint ventures and replication of successful projects. This move aims to benefit the people of both nations and strengthen economic ties.

Addressing a dinner gathering for a visiting Saudi delegation, PM Shehbaz reiterated the government’s role in providing policy frameworks and removing obstacles for economic growth. He praised the “historic” ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, spanning centuries, and their shared commitment to regional progress and prosperity.

In the interview, PM Shehbaz shared insights into his maiden visit to the kingdom, meetings with Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, and the productive Pak-Saudi investment conference. He also discussed his government’s vision for economic stability, including leveraging Saudi expertise in information technology and modern agricultural practices.

The premier announced plans for joint training programs for Pakistani youth, enabling them to work in Saudi Arabia and contribute to Pakistan’s economy through remittances. He also invited other nations, including Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Turkey, and China, to partner in IT and investment sectors.

Under the leadership of Mohammed Bin Salman, PM Shehbaz believes the two nations can drive a global economic revolution. Acknowledging Pakistan’s current economic challenges, he reaffirmed his government’s commitment to introducing reforms and improving the economy.

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